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We are a husband and wife team of avid antique collectors & dealers. We have been picking and collecting through our long 17 year history together and have developed an eye for unique pieces. We love saving something rusty from the garbage man and up-cycling it into a new, functional piece. To often our history gets discarded as junk. We feel it is our job to rescue these pieces. We have found items that have such a great history and we have been honored to be able to create something new from them or restore them to their original glory.

 Antiques can not be duplicated today. The work and craftsmanship that went into a piece is simply not done today. Some items are becoming more and more rare and without dealers and antique lovers, they may have found their way into extinction.

Heather & I love to save the unwanted and give new life to it. Our items are true pieces of history. It is always a joy to find out what that thig-a-ma-bob was once used for or to find out what that darn whatcha-ma-call-it finally is!! Antiques are our passion and we love sharing them with the world. Our customers are amazing people and our pickers are always bringing in wonderful pieces for us to showcase.

We are very blessed that we can combine our love of antiques into a career.